1. SUPER STUDENTS (45 minutes)

Everyone loves super heroes, but students don’t know how to apply that to their lives. Super Students teaches students that you don’t need super powers to be a Super Student, just super choices. Brandon teaches how to be courageous and have character regarding bullying, leadership, and making positive/healthy choices. Lots of interaction, humor, and impact! Your entire school and even the teachers will love this presentation!

Topics Covered: Leadership, anti-bullying, character, courage, and responsibility.


1. Dance Workshop (45-60 minutes)

As a professional dancer, Brandon has worked with dance stars such as Corky Ballas and Peta Murgatroyd from “Dancing with the Stars.” In this workshop, students participate in easy-to-learn ballroom dancing. Teamwork, courage, etiquette, and exercise, responsibility, and discipline are all covered in this morale boosting workshop.  This is the most interactive workshop you’ll find, which it why it’s called, “Let It Move!” (Up to 100 participants)

2. PERSONALITY TEST (45-60 minutes)

Have you ever wondered why you mesh with certain people and clash with others? In this presentation, Brandon Lee White, guides participants through his “Own It” personality test and helps students see themselves more clearly. Exercises and acting out real-life situations will make students laugh and help them make the most of their unique personality while effectively relating and leading others.

Step In Step Out (K-12 Youth Ballroom Dance Program)

Grades 3-12

Students learn SWING, MERENGUE, and TANGO while developing CHARACTER SKILLS!


OPTION 1: Assembly Package 


Kick-Off assembly speech helping students transition to dance
Group dance lesson (can divide into 2 groups)

OPTION 2: P.E. Package 

Choose one grade or multiple grades to participate during PE classes (2-4 days)
Optional Graduation Ceremony
Optional Graduation Certificates

OPTION 3: Weekly Package (Kansas City Area)

One of multiple grades per week for 4-6 weeks
Optional graduation ceremony and certificates


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